Tantric Massage School & Studio

Тантрический Массаж

Tantric Massage School & Studio … The art of tantra lies in love and understanding between members of opposite sexes. And tantric massage is the first step on the way to achieving harmony and spiritual intimacy between lovers.

Видео Обучение Тантрическому Массажу

Video Teaching Tantric Massage

Тантра массаж

Video Teaching Tantric Massage … In this section you can buy video tutorials, video trainings of training programs on massages, practices and techniques to develop spirituality, improve health, improve the state in which you will be able to change yourself and there will be a lot of opportunities to change your life .

Тантрический Массаж. Обучение Тантрическому Массажу. Тантра Массаж.

Real Tantric Massage

Тантра массаж

Real Tantric Massage … Author's Comprehensive relaxing tantric massage «Sensual» for men and women.

Обучение Тантрическому Массажу

Tantric Massage Training

Тантра массаж

Tantric Massage Training ...

Tantric massage course "Partner"

Yoni training in massage and squirting of men for beloved women

Training Course "Profi Tantra-massage" on tantric massage for masseuses

Онлайн Обучение Тантрическому Массажу

Online Tantric Massage Training

Тантра массаж

Tantric Massage Online Training … Online training Programs, trainings, webinars are conducted with direct connection to work with masters of various directions to develop spirituality, tactility, sexuality.

Features of Tantric Massage

Тантрический Массаж

Peculiarities of Tantric Massage… Massage is considered as a pair developing practice, in which two equal partners participate: (conditionally) active and passive – “masseur” and “client”. Tantric massage is meditative, that is, in fact, dynamic meditation together. Emphasis is placed on intimacy, closeness, unity of partners: during the massage, the couple seeks to unite into a single whole, as if representing the unity of the Male and Female in the Universe.

During massage, the energies in a couple are brought into excitement (including sexual), which is maintained and controlled by the massage therapist, due to which the effectiveness of the massage increases (as well as the pleasure from it). In tantric massage, there may be a massage of the genital organs, but in a spiritual context: as a touch and comprehension of the Life-Creating Principles (Lingam, Yoni). A person in tantra is considered together with his invisible components (energy, feelings, consciousness), therefore massage is not so much mechanical as energy, mental and spiritual influence, that is, multifaceted.

The goal of tantric massage is the harmony of all components both within the “client” and in a couple. Massage should be an expression of love, and only with such a feeling should one touch a partner.

Tantric Massage School & Studio