Tantric Massage Training

Тантрический Массаж
Курс Тантрического Массажа

Tantric Massage Course

Тантра массаж

Course of Tantric Massage "Partnership" ... Do you want to learn how to feel your partner through touch, expand your energy content and mutually exchange energy? Then for you — the Course "Partnership" on tantric massage. At the training Course, you will master the techniques of a general soft energy massage that will open up an understanding of the sensitive areas of your beloved’s body, learn how to take care through touch - to give, so necessary for a woman, a feeling of deep support, security, value and respect, deep spiritual unity, master breathing techniques together with tactile touches, learn how to launch an energy flow that unites you, which will allow you to deliver unforgettable pleasure to yourself and her... harmony between lovers.

Тантрический Массаж. Обучение Тантрическому Массажу. Тантра Массаж.

Yoni Massage and Squirt Training

Men for Favorite Partners
Тантра массаж

Training in Yoni Massage and Squirting for men for beloved partners ... Author's, exclusive mini-course on Yoni Massage for men for beloved women. Individual training of men in Yoni massage, squirt (Intimate zone) for their beloved women. The master conducts training on himself, shows the movements of the general massage on you and on himself, you repeat on the master. The master gives feedback, adjustments to all movements, both a general relaxing massage of the whole body, and yoni. A little theory about the structure of female organs, sensitive areas and points. Raising the energy in the body and in the final - squirt!

Learn to give a woman several types of orgasm with only your hands and you will become the perfect lover!

Program - One lesson - 2,0 hours. This lesson includes a theoretical part about what squirt is, how to prepare for a massage with squirt, teaching the basics of a general relaxing energy massage of the whole body (thighs, abdomen, chest), intim zone - theory and practice, in the final - squirt.
The master shows everything on himself, you repeat, the master corrects, tells where which points are located, how to influence them, how to make hand movements. You do the intimate zone with gloves, everything is environmentally friendly.

At the end of the session, you will receive an Instruction with a description of the technique and sequence of relaxing and energetic full body massage and yoni massage, squirt.

The master of tantric massage, energy techniques and practices invites you to the magical world of female pleasure!

Курс Тантрического Массажа для Массажисток

Tantric Massage Course for Masseuses

"Profi Tantra Massage"
Тантра массаж

Tantric Massage Course for Masseuses "Profi Tantra Massage" ... If you are after training courses on the basics of massage, with minimal experience, with directions in oriental massages, with experience in energy practices, tantra, yoga, meditation, and even if you have never did not do massages - you can take a course and work in the future in tantric massage studios. If you have experience in either oriental massage techniques or energy techniques, you are in for a comprehensive training to combine energy and massage.

The course is conducted by the master of Tantric techniques and relaxation massage Victoria Prigorodova.

Training consists of 3 sessions of 3 hours. Individual training. Practicing techniques on a male model.

In the course curriculum:

— The beginning of the massage — conditions and environment, interaction with the client
— Rules of energy massage, movement of energy in the body, breathing (1st day)
— Techniques and movements of body massage (1-2 days)
— Lingam massage, body massage (2nd day)
— Head and face massage (2nd day)
— Completion of the massage session (2nd day)
— Watching a training film, timing (3rd day)
— Test full massage with the tet-a-tet model (3rd day)

Upon completion, a Certificate is issued.

After training, employment is possible at the Development Center and Massage Studio VikkiToriya, Kyiv.
Additional classes are possible on the nuances of working with clients, voice training, how to speak with clients, preparing a space for work, non-standard situations, etc.

Tantric Massage Training