Обучение тантра массажу


Видео курсы тантрического массажа

Author's Complex Massage Tantric Relaxing "Sensual" for men and women.

  Energy, tantric relaxation massage is a general massage with kneading the muscles of the whole body with oriental techniques, with elements of Ayurvedic, Thai and Lomi Lomi massage from toes to head, raising the tantric flow in the body, body massage, massage of the intimate zone and full relaxation of the whole body .. And at the end of the program - massage of the neck, head and face will immerse the body and head in a state of bliss and tranquility, which is possible for a light sleep, a state of flight ... comfortable atmosphere, pleasant music, incense and candles will immerse you in an atmosphere of lightness and inner harmony, a pleasant state of mind and body ...

Мастер энергетических Релакс-техник Викки. Дополнительная информация — по телефону:

+380 68 330 4073

Other masters of tantric Thai, tantric erotic massage are waiting for you. All massages are without intimacy.
  Preliminary selection of masters based on photos and descriptions of massage.

  VikkiToria massage studio is waiting for you at st. Evgeniya Miroshnichenko 6/11.